Get your brand in front of thousands of multifamily professionals, including your ideal forward-thinking clients during a time when face to face meetings and networking just isn't happening.

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Virtual Showcase Page

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By Invitation.

$10,000 minimum investment.

Interested in making a bigger impact during the show? Have a creative idea to add value to the audience? Contact us today for opportunities.

Want to see an example of a

Virtual Showcase Page?

Showcase Page Includes:

  • Post videos about your company or product offer 

  • Showcase your videos on your very own exhibitor booth so that the attendees can watch and learn

  • Your exhibitor booth is available 24/7  

  • Your ideal clients access your exhibitor booth for FREE! They don't have to pay to access

  • Custom url to share your show with potential clients 

  • Your very own virtual booth page just for you-no chatty vendors next to you

  • Company branding on your exhibitor booth with calls to action for inbound leads

  • We help promote your booth on our Social Media reaching a wider audience. Start getting leads today

  • You get a platform to educate your potential customers

  • Your booth can focus on new clients and/or update existing product advancements

How This Helps you

  • Reach more people at scale - even when people are not attending in person events

  • Help clients without interrupting them

  • Reach executives who don't attend trade shows

  • Ideal clients can

    watch and learn

  • Attract the best clients with inbound leads

  • Scale your business without hiring more sale people

  • Get 10x the sales without 10x the effort

  • Educate the Marketplace

  • Build trust as a thought leader

  • Lower cost to exhibit, no hassle

  • No need to bring a booth

  • No labor cost to set up

  • No need to produce printing

  • Go green while featuring more of your product

  • Provide a solution when people cannot meet you in person 

Home Shopping Meets the Trade Show.

A New Exhibitor Showcase.

Education-based marketing is an opportunity for exhibitors. The Multifamily Operations Summit's Exhibitor Hall is focused on improving innovation while redirecting millions of dollars to better product design and technology, and provide a sustainable way for brands to get more clients.